TrimSheets and Clips Set

Alex Senechal
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Trims and baked clips I made for my Data Center environment.


- Two high poly game ready trim sheets as well as high and low polys for the baked clip set. The low poly has UV's and works with the unqiue baked normal texture for the baked clips. The high polys have no UV's but color breakup. 

-Includes textures and working textures, bake out anything you want using the high polys.

-Examples Images as well as a text document on tips for usage. 

-Models are OBJs and FBX ready to be turbosmoothed, FBX is version 7.4 I exported OBJ's with settings for maya so you may need to adjust it to suit your program.

-Textures are PNG and TGA files

Aside from reselling these models on gumroad and other asset marketplaces like turbosquid, cgtrader, Unreal Marketplace, Unity store, ect, you may use these for commercial purposes.

Environment shots in the cover are made using these trims and are NOT included, only what is listed is included. 

More examples of how I used these:


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TrimSheets and Clips Set

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