Lighting Fundamentals and Rendering in Keyshot - Tutorial

Alex Senechal
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In this tutorial I will teach you nearly all of the tools in Keyshot, explain my lighting fundamentals and terminology with easy to apply concepts, We will render a design starting with a raw model in Keyshot and create all of the renders in this post all the way to working in Photoshop.

I break down why some lighting is looking good and show the entire process of creating my renders from start to finish - no steps skipped.

I will also include videos on Photoshop and Presentation to help anyone looking to get into the industry.

Images can be seen here:


- 4 Hour live Rendering Demo with full workflow from start to finish, we will take a model and create all the materials, lighting, post work in Photoshop with no skipped steps and real time commentary. We will talk about

- Full Keyshot lessons covering nearly every aspect of the software as well as tips and tricks to make your life easier.

- Lighting Fundamentals Videos covering the way I see lighting, 3 point lighting and common terminology. This is the part that helps you to learn what to do with the software. I break down principals for creating good lighting in an image to please the eye.

-Bonus video Portfolio and Presentation

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Usage: all educational material such as videos, images breakdowns are not for commercial use in any fashion. All images broken down used with permission or under creative commons as remixes.

Thank you for supporting me feel free to email me your feedback:


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Lighting Fundamentals and Rendering in Keyshot - Tutorial

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